Nomadic Stars

MA Fine Art alumna (2016) and recent MA Graduate Artist in Residence at UCA, Nozomi Watanabe, has just completed an incredible residency in the Czech Republic as part of the international OPEN A.i.R. Program at the DEPO2015 Creative Zone.

The project  developed for the residency, titled Nomadic Stars, was based on workshops with local people, in which the participants created their own stars to take with them wherever they travelled.

As part of the opening event of the exhibition, Nozomi also presented Observation Points, a reworking of a hugely succesful work developed whilst on the MA course here at UCA as part of the 2016 Cheriton Light Festival. The new iteration of the work referred directly to the star chart of the Czech Republic and aimed at engaging thought around the current issue of migration in Europe.


Following the success of this residency, Nozomi has now been selected as a resident artist by KAIR (, an international residency in Japan, where she will work from 22nd August to 8th November.


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