Annie Ho-Cooper slowing down time in Berlin

Following on from her recent public art commission in Dartford, MA Fine Art alumna Annie Ho-Cooper has been busy executing a new work for ‘Thoughts Become Art’ in Berlin, a project that brings together a group of international artists who have been invited to convey the principle of ‘Positive Thought’ in their artwork, whilst interpreting contemporary themes such as ‘Back to the Roots’ to focus on the initial purpose of art and the essential matters of today.

Annie’s series of pieces, ‘Walking The Reichstag Berlin’ and ‘Keeping Time’, are, she argues, a way of providing a counter cultural message in response to our modern day obsession with ‘time keeping’. The series offers visual images about keeping time – thinking, sensing and marking the passing of time. The walking pieces, executed in Berlin, tell a story of extremely ‘slow time’, in which a drawing process of mark making offered an invitation to viewers to slow down, pause and reflect on the way the move through and experience the city.

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