Deborah Humm at The Beaney

Deborah Humm’s poetry book, The Variance, Vagaries and Extreme Randomness of MS, will be on show at the ‘Beaney House of Art & Knowledge’ in Canterbury from 21st April until 14th August this year. Deborah, who graduated from the MA Fine Art course at UCA Canterbury in September 2015, is exhibiting the work as part of the Beaney’s upcoming exhibition of artists’ books on wellbeing and medicine, titled Prescriptions.

Online catalogue:  PRESCRIPTIONS

Deborah, who herself has Multiple Sclerosis, is interested in the way experience is lost, broken and misarticulated by nervous signals.  She writes: “Everybody has these moments, these nervous system glitches. The Variance, Vagaries and Extreme Randomness of MS is a poetry book written with mathematical constraints-10 pages of 14 lines, each line has 10 syllables and the last phoneme/sound on each line is the same- which allows the lines to be completely interchangeable giving the book almost limitless possibilities, highlighting broken signals and bodily malfunction experienced on a daily basis.”

In addition to her work on show at the Beaney, Deborah’s sound piece, What it is to be Human, featuring Terry Perk reading Humm’s poem Rhythm Two, has recently been accepted to ‘The Listening Booth: Collection 2’ and will be featured online soon (date to be announced). She is also screening her work  Signal BreakDown at the Ramsgate Music Hall as part of ‘Analogue Ensemble Event’ on 15th May. Link:






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