Curatorial Alumna Launches Project to Re-Design Memorial Garden

MA Curatorial Practice Alumna, Jane Murtagh, has just launched a project to 2nd Year BA Architecture Students at the Canterbury School of Architecture to find a new design for the proposed Memorial Garden Project Space next door to UCA’s Brewery Tap in Folkestone. Jane, who is currently the curator in residence at the venue in Folkestone, worked as a tour guide during the town’s recent Triennial and is currently working for the Creative Foundation there.

Once the site of Stokes Brothers, a family run greengrocers popular with local families, it became the site of human tragedy on 25th May 1917 when a bomb was dropped during the First World War, killing 71 people. The site was later rebuilt and a plaque erected in memory of the lives lost, but in 1985 disaster struck again and the building was lost to a fire. Subsequently it was turned into a beer garden for the adjoining public house: The Brewery Tap. Two years ago the UCA redeveloped The Brewery Tap as an experimental art gallery and project space for its post-graduate students. The project space is now being extended into the garden space to make provision for a flexible outdoor project area that might also be used for exhibition, events and public art installations.

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