Framing Nature

MA Curatorial Practice Students Create Debate at Turner Contemporary

Jane Haigh ‘Didcot A’

Jane Haigh ‘Didcot A’

In early December our MA Curatorial Practice students took over Turner Contemporary to curate and lead a public discussion around the concept of ‘nature’.

The event on December 4th, which used the current exhibitions of work by Turner, Constable and Dorothy Cross as a platform, sought to explore our contemporary relationship to images of nature, within the historical context of notions of the ‘romantic’ and the ‘sublime’.

Helen Poulteney ‘Dreamland’

Helen Poulteney ‘Dreamland’

Bringing together alumni from the MA Fine Art programme at UCA Canterbury, the curators, Rafaella Christoforou, Henna Mattila, Jane Murtagh and Stella Prasetya commissioned a series of artworks that formed triggers for discussion and debate.

Karen Eslea, Head of Learning at Turner Contemporary, described the event as a great success, commending the students on both “the professional quality and content of the forum.”


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